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/ May 17, 2023

How Much Do Removals Cost?

Moving your property is surely a mammoth task. Some people are fortunate enough to get help from family and friends, while others must get help from a removal company. So, how much do removals cost?

Whether you move your family home or prepare for a commercial move, the price always varies depending on a few factors. The most common factors are the number of furniture, bedroom numbers, moving to a local place or interstate, etc.

Let’s unbox the consideration one by one.

How Much Do Removals Cost?

Removal costs vary based on the number of bedrooms. Usually, for a 3-bedroom house, the cost range is $1,500-$2,000 in the same state. Bear in mind interstate removal costs is high.

On the other hand, for a flat or home of 1 or 2 bedrooms, the cost will be roughly $1300. Find the below chart for your convenience mentioning the cost breakdown of 3-bedroom flat.

Service Details Approximate Costs ($)
Removal company Loading, unloading and transporting your valuables 800
Packing Packing items and furniture by experts 250
Packing materials Covers, papers, boxes, tape, and wrapping 100
Disassembly and Reassembly Taking down belongings to prepare for packing 125
Storage Using storage facility for minimum of 1 month 120
Cleaning Professional cleaning service for full house 285
Total $1680

Average Price for Moving (Based on Bedroom Numbers)

Bedroom Number Rate $ (Average) Additional Packing Cost $ (Average)
1 425 175
2 530 225
3 800 250
4 900 350

Costs for Removal Services

Service Cost for Packing (Per Packer & Per Hour) Per Hour Cost $ (Minimum of 2 Hours)
Disassembly & Reassembly Assistance during assembly and disassembly of belongings or furniture 125
Storage If immediate move is not possible due to space problem 30/week
Cleaning Old and new house cleaning 15/week
Parking permit Parking in front of your home or property 30-75
Piano Removal Safe removal of the special equipment 120-480

What Factors Affect Average Removals Cost?

Many factors affect the average removal costs. I shared a list below.

  • Easy Accessibility: Is your home located on a busy street? Can the removal van park near your home? The removal cost will increase if the movers fail to access your property easily. The reason is that removals will take a longer time than usual. Moreover, the movers may need to take a parking permit which will increase average costs.
  • Minimal Hours: Removers generally take 2-4 hours to move your home or property, regardless of the time you need.
  • Moving Time: Is your moving scheduled on the weekend or at peak hours? Then consider spending more money than usual. Moving companies remain busy during the weekend, peak time, or summer season. Moving your home or property this time usually comes with additional costs.
  • Special Care: Piano, paintings, etc., need special care when moving home. If you have these moving items, costing an extra fee on your removalist’s price. Depending on the item, additional cost ranges between $150-$500.
  • Distance: Distance plays a vital role in considering the transport cost. The cost will surely be high if the distance between your start points and the destination is long.
  • Volume: The volume of your moving items is measured in m3. Items loading time, size of the transport vehicle, packing supplies, etc., determines the cost.

How Can I Save Money on Removals Cost?

After learning all the expenses required for home or property removal, you might wonder how to save the cost. The good news is you can follow a few money-saving tips and tricks.

Here are my two cents for you,

  • Choose an off-peak time to move your property. Avoid holidays or weekends.
  • Ask for quotes from several moving companies. This will give you a way to compare and choose between the companies.
  • If you have any items which are no longer available, sell them. Thus, the volume of items will be reduced, therefore, the removal cost. This tip will be especially helpful if your journey is longer.
  • Look for the items that you can move. Avoid moving those items by the movers. Only move bulky items with the assistance from a removal company.
  • Want to take a challenge when moving your property? Then start packing your items yourself.
  • Help the removalists while packing, loading, and unloading. This will surely speed up the process and reduce the total moving time. Therefore, the removal cost will be minimized.
  • Look for options to save on moving materials wherever possible. Use blankets to pack fragile items and gather old newspapers and boxes from the local market.

How to Make Sure I am Getting the Best Deal?

One question might have popped up: how do you know you are getting the best deal? Get an estimation from several removing companies providing the below information.

  • Estimate all your items. Count how many items you have, such as belongings in the bedroom, washing machine, TVs, etc.
  • Specify the type of properties you will need to move. Things can slow down in apartments with elevators. Moreover, apartments with stairs mean more time and effort are required.
  • Provide the actual address of both properties. This will help you get an estimated cost from the movers.

After getting the information, compare the offers. By looking at the offers, you can easily get the best deal.


How much do removalists charge per hour?

The hourly cost depends on 2 factors: the vehicle type you choose and the removalist’s number. Find the below chart of average hourly cost.

Vehicle type Hourly Price ($) Minimum Duration (Hours) Days
4T Truck 100-150 2 Sunday-Friday
8T Truck 120-175 2 Sunday-Friday
10T Truck 150-200 2 Sunday-Friday

How much does it cost for furniture removal?

Furniture removal cost relies on a few points, such as accessibility to your property, and the volume of the furniture. Whether you need local or interstate removal, the cost range is $200-$2500.

Summing Up

Since home or property removal, the cost depends on many factors, it would always be best to ask for a quotation from a removal company before deciding. This way, you can easily estimate how much do removals cost.

Begin your research today without waiting until the last minute. This will ensure a smooth transition when the time comes!


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